About The Studio


Canyon Sound was set up to offer musicians a different feeling and sounding space to those already existing in Bristol. At Canyon Sound we've created a space where you can set up in all sorts of formations to make sure communication and lines of sight are how you need them to be, and sonic isolation is optimised (or ignored!) for the sound you're after. We have a booth so singers can have some protection and flexibility, or just so you can crank your guitar amp and chuck it in there so it can blaze away without killing everyone in the room. Quite a few clients have commented that it feels like playing in a great big living room, but we've filled that living room with all the gear and instruments you need to make your record - that's kind of what we were going for from the start. Everyone who comes through here seems really relaxed straight away and are also ready to play pretty quickly after they set up - being in the same space together means it's really easy to find a natural balance and play with little or no monitoring/headphones (we can of course provide this if required, but many bands have loved going without). Sterile, clinical studios can be a real creativity-killer so while it's always clean and tidy, Canyon Sound offers more of a cosy and homely environment for you to work in.

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We have high 3.6m ceilings so natural instruments and voices can open out and speak properly. The floor is 7.5m x 5.5m and we have moveable acoustic panel options so we can control and dampen the sound to your taste. There’s freedom for us to move things around in the room to make sure we find the best setup for your band in terms of communication, intimacy and sound.



We have a mixture of great sounding retro/vintage gear to bring colour and vibe to your recordings, but also clean and reliable modern kit where it matters. We always have to hand some of the best coffee in the land to get you started and a pub round the corner that sells delicious and exotic beers to celebrate your successes afterwards.


All equipment has been chosen and collected over the last 20 years in order to provide a wide palette of sound aesthetics for the recording process - dark, crunchy ribbon microphones and fresh, open large-diaphragm condensers, a selection of preamp flavours to cover all tastes ranging from sparkly clean to crunchy and meaty . The idea with Canyon Sound has been to create a unique environment that musicians can feel relaxed in, express themselves easily, and get the sound in their head out into the world.