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recording/mixing £180 per day

Before coming in to record we will have a chat about what you need, how you'd like your session to run and how you'd like it to sound by the end of the process. That way we can get a good idea of how long it'll take and you'll know what it's going to cost before we get started. There are no hidden costs involved in recording here - it's just a matter of time. 

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The studio is one big room with dividing screens so recordings can be done in three main ways:


If you want to feel your way through and experiment as you go, then building the music part by part, one sound/instrument at a time is a very flexible and expressive way to paint your picture. It's time consuming, but the opportunity to fine tune every sonic choice is rewarding.


If you have a band that plays together regularly and can balance naturally to a certain extent, recording live in the room will sound amazing. Microphone spill in the room will limit editing options a little, but splices between takes are often inaudible, and if you can agree on which takes felt best, the vibe and sound of a band playing together in the room is fantastic and the sonic/atmospheric benefits outweigh the limitations. Blues, jazz, folk and americana bands recorded playing here sound great, so this approach will get really beautiful results if the band sound suits it.


Using more directional microphones to limit spill we can do the same with louder bands too by screening/boxing off amps, and there's always the option of overdubbing vocals separately to get more control if for example you drummer is a big hitter - compressing a vocal when there's a lot of drums in the vocal mic can make drums sound too "roomy" which sometimes isn't quite what we're after, but there's always a way around these things and again, atmosphere/vibe is more important than precision in a lot of music so it's just a matter of artistic priorities, not right/wrong!