Recording Gear



Antelope Orion 32+

Heritage Audio OST-10 500 Series Rack (modules listed below)

Audient ASP880


Focal Alpha 80 monitors

Equator D5 monitors


Macbook Pro

Reaper (main DAW)

Harrison Mixbus 32C

Logic Pro X

Plugins from: Acustica Audio/Klanghelm/Krevgrand/TDR/Soundtoys/Fabfilter//Kush/Valhalla/Oeksound

AKG K701 Reference headphones

Beyerdynamic DT770 headphones

Tascam 32 1/4” 2 track tape machine

Tascam 112B Cassette deck

Behringer (I know..) X-Touch control surface (it’s just a nice way of controlling everything without having to go crazy with the mouse all the time)

ART Head Amp 6 Pro

Sony Portable 1/4″ mono tape machine


500 SERIES microphone PREAMPS

2 x CAPI VP28 - API 2520 style op-amps and circuit, but with 2 gain stages so lots of tonal variety and drive, Ed Anderson transformers

2 x Hairball Lola - big, wide, hearty and clean preamps from Seattle

2 x CAPI VP25 - replicas of 1970’s API console preamp circuit in 500 series format, Ed Anderson transformer

2 x AML ez1073pre - Neve based design, Carnhill transformer

1 x Sound Skulptor MP573 - Neve 1073/1290 based design, Carnhill transformer

1x JLM Audio LA500 opto compressor - LA2 meets LA3 style, Carnhill transformer


Coles 4038 - warm, deep and wide sounding ribbon designed for the BBC, amazing microphone on almost anything as long as the figure-of-8 pattern allows it.

Sennheiser MD441 - hifi dynamic, great for horns, vocals, guitar cab, everything really. Oh, and it looks pretty fly…

Electro Voice RE20 - Broadcast designed high end dynamic, great on horns, kick, voice, piano

Beyerdynamic M160 short ribbon - open clean bright ribbon, love it as drum overhead, on guitar cab, horns

Beyerdynamic M260 ribbon - antiharsh! Lovely on saxophone, trumpet, electric guitar cabinet and acoustic guitar

Shure SM7B dynamic - good rejection of other sounds in room for live recordings, warm and round on vocals and horns, cool on snare for dry woody 70’s sound.

2 x RK12 Capsules with Jim Williams/Schoeps circuit, matched pair LDC’s - beautifully natural sounding, can take aggression out of drums and horns without losing energy, very flattering for some vocalists.

2 x RK47 capsules and Jim Williams/Schoeps circuit, matched pair LDC’s - great mid-forward sonic characteristics, brings a bit more front to sounds with timid tendencies, compliments RK12 so well – a vocal will always sound great through one of these and then there are the preamp flavours above to choose from.

Aston Spirit - multi pattern LDC

Coles 4037a - BBC presenter's microphone, dynamic, strong 700Hz mid range bump, cool and distinctive sound.

Beyerdynamic X1N Soundstar - I got it just because I thought it just looked great, turns out it's good for some vocals and inside an upright piano.

Electro Voice 630 - 50's vibe, guitar, vocals harmonica, no highs or lows, just a crunchy honk up the middle, perfect sometimes.

2 x CASCADE Fat Head ribbon mics with Blumlein stand - warm, dark, natural: great drum mic in middle of kit or for vintage sounding horns, Blumlein pair and mid/side options for stereo imaging.

Beyerdynamic M201 – hi fi dynamic mic used a lot on snare, guitar close mic, acoustic body.

Shure SM57 - because you're meant to... but they are the sound of loud guitar, rock snare, and they are very good for a certain kind of upright piano sound.

Heil PR40 - dynamic broadcast mic, goes down to 28Hz and bright up top too. Favourite on upright acoustic bass, ace on kick, close guitar cab, bass cab and some voices.

2 x Audio Technica Pro37r matched pair SDC’s – great on bass, percussion, room, OH, a lot of 6kHz, but if that's not annoying then they're cool. And Steve Albini likes them, so…

2 x Audio Technica Pro44 boundary mics - usually set as "vibe catchers" up on the walls

Beyerdynamic Opus 65 dynamic kick drum mic

AKG D112 dynamic kick mic

GAP R1 Active Mk3 ribbon - crunchy, characterful

Alctron RM-8B (same as Apex 205) ribbon - small bucks, but really neat sound

Cloudlifter mic activator - 25dB clean gain, means insensitive mics are an option with quiet sources 

Radial Engineering Pro MS2 - 3 way mic splitter so a mic source can be sent to a selection of preamps simultaneously, or be compressed on the way in without having to commit.

Instruments, amps and FX

IMPORTANT: Please check with me before your recording date if you know you're going to want any of the following items for your session - I do sometimes lend things to friends, and some items do break every so often, so to avoid disappointment, let me know what you need so I can make sure they're here and in good shape! 


Fender Jazzmaster, walnut body

Fender USA Telecaster, blonde

Gibson SG

Epiphone Sheraton, natural

Blueridge BR60 acoustic

Cordoba C5 classical nylon string

Squier CV Precision Bass, flatwound strung (Fender slayer!)

Makala Ukelele

Banjo (6 string guitar banjo – easy for guitarists)


Welmar 1976 upright piano - tuned & maintained

Fender Rhodes "Seventy Three" electric piano - not super clean, but gets regular attention

Arturia Keylab 61 (controls Arturia Analog Lab really well)

Casio weighted piano keyboard (just for MIDI input if you want the option of sample set pianos)


Fender Super Reverb 4x10 silverface

Fender Deluxe 5E3 1×12 combo (authentic 50’s handwired circuit clone)

Mooer 5w Little Monster BM – “Baby Bassman” valve head

Palmer 2×12 cabinet loaded with pair Celestion G12M Greenbacks

DIY 1x12 cab with Jensen C12N

Genz Benz Shuttle 3.0 bass amp and 1x12" cabinet

Mackie Thump 12" 1kW powered monitor


Strymon El Capistan d’Tape Delay

Fulltone ‘70 Fuzz

TC Electronics Tailspin tremolo

Zvex Fuzz Factory

Zvex Super Duper 2 In 1

Klon Centaur (clone)

Swamp Thang Tremolo (clone)

Xotic RC Booster (clone)

Timmy overdrive (clone)

Fulltone OCD

Vox Big Ben OD

‘66 Big Muff Triangle Pi (clone)

Voodoo Lab Tremolo

MXR Dynacomp

EH Holy Grail reverb

Dr J Sparrow bass di preamp/driver

Joyo American Sound guitar di preamp/driver


Premier Duraplex 22x14 kick, 12x8 and 16x16 toms - vintage late1950's birch kit

Ludwig Acrolite 1978 snare drum

Collingwood 22" ride cymbal - totally brilliant!

Tama Royal Star 22”/16” kick drum

Dream Bliss 22” ride

Sabian HHX Legacy 16” Thin Crash

Zildjian 15″ 1960’s vintage hi hats


Conn 10M silver plate 1945 tenor saxophone with Pillinger mouthpiece

Selmer Console Special clarinet

Yamaha flute