Bristol Recording Studio

Canyon Sound is a spacious open plan recording studio in Bristol where you can easily relax into the right state for committing your sound to tape. We understand that you need to feel comfortable in your surroundings when you record and that you need flexibility so you can find the right setup for you and your band within the room. We have a collection of retro/vintage and modern gear designed to offer you a wide sonic palette and make sure you get the sound in your head out into the world.

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To find out more about our ethos, take a look at the studio page, or if you're more into techy nuts and bolts, the gear list might be more your idea of fun. If you have a project you want to record and want to hear how other bands/projects sound in here, these recordings will give you an idea of how it could turn out, but of course you can always get in touch to discuss how you'd ideally like your music to be recorded.